Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Frontier Developments
Frontier Developments


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User Ratings: 13

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Adventure, Simulation
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PlayStation 4

  • 27th Jun 2017
  • 27th Jun 2017
Space, Sci-Fi
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    Space ace

    A call has been sent out to all commanders in the Pilot Federation for help. Apparently things have been getting a bit rowdy over in the Rakapila system, and they’re after some able pilots to come and hunt down any wanted ships in their system. The rewards are good, and with the credits you earn you’ll be able to buy some much needed...

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About The Game

Welcome to the fourth millennium: a vast universe of galactic proxy wars and intense interstellar rivalries. Choose your alliances carefully and find your own way to survive in a scale recreation of the Milky Way galaxy.

With a fledgling star ship and a fist full of credits, blaze your trail across humanity’s last frontier. Earn the skills, knowledge, wealth and power that will allow you to upgrade your ship, forge relationships and even build your own galactic fleet.

Decide what kind of hero you’ll be and compete and cooperate with online players from around the world to build your own galactic empire. Bootleggers, pirates, bounty hunters and even the occasional contract killer - there’s more than one way to stay alive in this galaxy.

What happens out there is up to you and your actions will shape the universe’s complex political workings, as governments are overthrown, battles are lost and won, and new rivalries emerge.