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@sorteddan well I’d argue that not being overly excited and not excited at all are different states of being… but I get you. Basically I just have hundreds of games that on a high level I really want to play and have therefore pencilled into the schedule… but then when it comes to the time to actually play it, I might not be as up for it as when I originally scheduled it.

Tbh, 90% of the time (if not a little higher) I really enjoy whatever it is that I choose to play. I do a lot of research on what to expect from a game and have a decent idea of what it’ll be like. There is the odd game that just does nothing for me, even though all the info going in would suggest that I’d have liked it but you can’t win ‘em all eh.

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Looks like most of us are off to good starts!

I'm currently failing my top two resolutions ("Play Less" and "Don't Buy Random Games") because I randomly picked up Metal Gear Survive and am desperately blasting through it at speed, in case its servers get deactivated and it becomes unplayable. It's an early lapse that I'm hoping the rest of the year will correct, kinda like eating an entire cheesecake before going on a diet.

No progress elsewhere, although I did write a review for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which I wasn't expecting to, so that could sub for Spidey 2 or Jedi: Survivor, I suppose.

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