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For anyone interested, the Jaguar XJ13 '66 is back in stock, 12,000,000 credits.

Got the Platinum and now I can finally buy a load of cars I want, instead of sitting on piles of credits waiting for a damn wild car to reappear. Haha.

Just need some more invitations now.

Anyone else been getting 1 and 2 star cards for completing your daily marathons over the last few weeks?

I was sometimes getting 4 star cards, but haven’t seen anything over 2 star for awhile now.

Also, has anyone ever got a 6 star, other than for completing the Cafe Menus? I personally haven’t and I’ve completed marathons about 5 times a week since launch.



I only ever seem to get 1 or 2 star cards for the daily marathons, however last night I got a 4 star one and yet I still only got 10,000 credits, I was a little annoyed...

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Just did todays. 2 star and 5,000 credit prize.



@SoulChimera Nice, I probably need to double my credits in order to buy that though so might have to wait until next time round.

I've had a few 4 star cards for the daily workout this week but haven't seen a 6 star card for a long old while. I'm not sure if there's anything else you'd get one for even but it almost doesn't seem to matter what star the card is the prize is usually the worst.


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