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An initiative of the Australian Government
An initiative of the Australian Government
M&E methods of gathering findings
Sunday, 28 April 2013
The M&E team uses a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods (the analysis of numerical data) primarily involve surveys, which are typically self-administered, face-to-face or web-based. The team’s qualitative methods – the analysis of words, pictures, artifacts, actions and so on – include observations, interviews and document reviews. There are limits to quantitative and qualitative methods on their own, but one can use both to gain a reasonable insight into the AAPF’s performance against its objectives. Quantitative methods provide a numerical count of the features the Facility is exploring. Qualitative methods help to expand or clarify what lies behind the numbers and help us to understand participant perceptions of AAPF activities.

The AAPF M&E team typically conducts:

- site visits and other observation missions to witness participants applying knowledge after an activity, such as setting up a working group of local community leaders, local businesses and mining companies to address local procurement issues;

- in-depth interviews (i.e. asking participants about their experiences, changes in behaviour and opinions after taking part in an AAPF activity); and

- analysis of materials such as trip reports, Activity Completion Reports, written survey responses, email correspondence, memoranda and other documents (such as copies of new legislation and photographs of such legislation). All of these can record events or changes subsequent to AAPF activities.

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