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@ralphdibny I love exploring in games in general, I am loving trying to find all the audio recordings, plasmids and weapon upgrade stations in the first Bioshock. Pretty sure I am on track with finding them all, I have got all the ones from areas that get shut off later, I should get my 99th platinum on this.



@TuckNorris85 noice!! I think I missed a few audio recordings in the first BioShock. I did have a fair crack at it but I was still getting used to that style of game. I'm pretty sure I missed one I could have got through telekinesis because I forgot telekinesis was even a thing! 😅

I think I've hit most if not all collectibles in BioShock 2. It helps when my partner is here because she can listen to the audio recordings to get the door unlock codes lol.

Are you doing a good or bad playthrough? I've done good in both games (saving Little Sisters)

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