Topic: What (Non-PS4) game are you playing??

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@nessisonett I actually really liked Chronicles.. it had its problems but I just remember getting really into it back when it released. Looking back, that and FF9 were both nice ways to round out that generation of games (for me).

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@nessisonett Real sorry to hear that The Last Revelation hasn't grabbed you, but I totally understand why, and can guess exactly where you're currently stuck wandering. I don't mind admitting that I reached for a guide on more than one occasion, and my enthusiasm to play a classic Tomb Raider was pretty strong. Given that you recently blasted through the first three games, I'm not surprised that you're finding it more frustrating than charming, and wouldn't blame you for skipping ahead.

Chronicles is far more linear, and pretty short, so you might be alright, but I found its last levels to be needlessly obtuse and cruel. Its first half is great, though. Angel of Darkness is an enjoyable game if you spend the entire time seeing its potential and dreaming of what it might've been. If you can play it on PC and fix it with mods, then it becomes a marginally better experience.

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